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Virtual Reality 3D Walkthrough with the Oculus Headset, scaled 3D Rendering, Landscaping Cost Estimate, 3D video Walkthrough, 24” x 36” Blueprints, Details & Specifications

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Bright Home Landscapes and Global Energy come together to bring you a seamless and unified landscape project.

Get Your Landscape Construction Project Started Today!

From Concept to Completion

When you chose Bright Home Landscapes, partnered with Global Energy, for your design and  landscape construction, you have two experienced teams working together seamlessly to complete your outdoor living space.


With over 30 years of combined experience, we will transform your spaces in an economically  and environmentally conscious way by providing innovative product solutions – easy maintenance landscapes, solar, windows, roofs, etc.


You have an idea, a vision, a concept of how your new outdoor living space will look. To bring it to life, you need the services of a Landscape Designer and a Landscape Contractor. 


We listen. We design. Imagine taking a Virtual Reality 3D tour of your new outdoor space. We immerse you in your project by using the latest OculusTM VR technology when you chose the VR 3D consultation option.


You might be able to finance your landscaping and solar installation project for approximately the same monthly cost as your electric bill. 


Landscape Design and Construction, takes our design and creates your perfect Outdoor Living Space. From water features to full outdoor kitchens, Bright Home Landscapes and Global Energy will make it a reality. 

Start your project with a Virtual Reality 3D Landscape Design

Consult with the designers at Bright Home and you have choices. Our most popular option is the 3D Consultation. This option includes a Scaled 3D Rendering, a Video 3D Walkthrough of the design, and Contractor-Ready 24″x36″ Blueprints.


Take a step further and immerse yourself in your new outdoor living space with a VR Consultation. Virtual Reality powered by OculusTM. Get the true ‘feel’ of pavers, plants, lighting, and elevations. The Ultimate VR landscape experience.

Energy Independence

We have one simple mission: to provide homeowners with easy ways to live a more sustainable life and save money while doing so. Dedicated to providing value every single day to our customers, Global Energy connects people to cleaner energy through award-winning technology and industry-leading customer service.GE License #1060358

Skilled Designers & Technicians

A diverse team of experienced designers and technicians who are not only great at what they do but love it. We believe providing in an environmentally sustainable and economically conscious product for the world we live in today.

From Landscape Design to Hardscape Construction, our Team makes it Seamless

An experienced landscape contractor ensures that you receive the long-term benefits of your design. Working with us keeps the focus on your primary vision of the concept and design, while keeping your hardscape low maintenance, remaining environmentally friendly, and adding a fresh, sustainable dimension to your home. 


Education and technology partner to bring you an elevated customer experience. Our designers provide the highest level of professional expertise along with the creativity to bring your outdoor living space to life.




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Let our 3D Renderings Bring your Space to Life!

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