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3D video Walkthrough, Scaled 3D Rendering, Landscaping Cost Estimate, 24” x 36” Blueprints, Details & Specifications


$$$ per sq. ft. for Design
Virtual Reality 3D Walkthrough with the Oculus Headset, scaled 3D Rendering, Landscaping Cost Estimate, 3D video Walkthrough, 24” x 36” Blueprints, Details & Specifications

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You won't have to imagine it. Immerse yourself in your future landscape with a Virtual Reality 3D Design!

Take the First Step Toward Your New Outdoor Living Space

Landscape Design

Consultation Options

Free Estimate

Free Estimate includes:

Build Suggestions,

Industry Information,

Action Plan

3D Consultation

3D Consultation includes:

3D video Walkthrough,

Scaled 3D Rendering,

Landscaping Cost Estimate,

24” x 36” Blueprints,

Details & Specifications

$$ per sq. ft. for Design

Virtual Reality 3D Consultation

VR Consultation includes:

Virtual Reality 3D Walkthrough with the Oculus Headset,

scaled 3D Rendering,

Landscaping Cost Estimate,

3D video Walkthrough,

24” x 36” Blueprints,

Details & Specifications

$$$ per sq. ft. for Design

Landscape Design


Landscape Design

Creating the perfect outdoor living space is exciting! There are as many different creative designs, options, and ideas as you and your design team can imagine. A FREE Estimate will get you started on your new landscape.

3D Design

Imagine being able to ‘see’ your backyard, before the work has even begun? That’s exactly what 3D Advanced rendering brings to the table! You will get a 3D video you can play over and over, defining and refining your new outdoor living space.

Virtual Reality Walkthrough with OculusTM

Become immersed in your new outdoor living space through Virtual Reality.  Get the “feel” of the various features including lighting, textures, pavers, and elevations. Walk through the perfect blend of softscapes and hardscapes.

Construction Cost Estimate

You won’t get stuck with a design that is beyond your budget. We design your landscape and provide a detailed estimate for the construction cost. GlobalScapes, our partner in landscaped construction, makes your project seamless. 

Builder-Ready Blueprints

Blueprints are provided with every 3D Advanced and VR Consultation. With our landscape construction partner, GlobalScapes, we make certain these 24″x36″ blueprints are “builder ready”. 

Partner with our Experienced Landscape Designers

The trends in outdoor living are all about making your outdoor space an extended part of your everyday life. Outdoor living is time well spent. Make your backyard an outdoor living room. Create a ‘social front yard’, welcoming your neighbors and community. Bright Home Landscapes will take your ideas and design the outdoor space that fits your property and your lifestyle. 


Landscape Design Options

We offer a FREE estimate with build suggestions, industry information, and a simple action plan. With our 3D Advanced Consultation, you can soar over and through your project with a 3D rendering of our design. Take your design experience a step further “into” your new outdoor space with Virtual Reality (VR) and the OculusTM Headset. Immerse yourself in your new backyard, outdoor kitchen, or welcoming social front yard.

Design & Construction in one package

Invent or reinvent your outdoor living space. As a team, Bright Home Landscape and our partner in landscape construction, Globalscapes, will produce a finished project that welcomes family, friends, and neighbors to your new outdoor living space. When you choose to work with Globalscapes we roll your design fee into your construction project.

Family-Owned & Operated

5 Star Rating

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Payment Plans Available

Pioneer in VR Landscape Design

Innovation. Technology. Partnerships. 

Bright Home Landscapes Brings It All Together


Education and technology partner to bring you an elevated customer experience. Our designers provide the highest level of professional expertise along with the creativity to bring your outdoor living space to life.




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Start with a Consultation

Our landscape designers will craft a design that fits your concept and your lifestyle. Once we have designed the space you love, it’s time to build!  For a completely cohesive design and build project, we recommend our partner company, Global Services.

Walk Through Your New 
 Outdoor Living Space

Let our 3D Renderings Bring your Space to Life!

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  • 5 star ratingThank you guys for such an amazing experience. You turned our backyard into a space that we can use.

    From the beginning, we were scared that we wouldn't get what we wanted. We had seen and met with 2 different companies prior to Bright Home Landscapes. Once our designer showed up and discussed the possibilities - we knew we found the right company. We saw our project in virtual reality which was AMAZING. After seeing the design, we were curious and wondered how the actual build would coincide with the Virtual Reality design. Well, we were astonished with the overall completion of the project. It looked just like the virtual reality design we had seen. I'm fact, it was better. Our entire yard was turned into an oasis. Not only was the design better than the 2 companies who came before Bright Home Landscapes, but the price was better too. Anastasia, Patrick and Nathan were the best to work with. All of them helped whenever we needed a question that needed answering or clarification on the building process. Hands down, this is the best contracting team I've ever hired. In my 60 years of being on this planet, I've never been more impressed. Thank you guys so much.

    David J. Avatar
    David J.

    5 star ratingWhat a team! From start to finish the entire process was made stressLESS. The concept I was given at the start of the relationship had me in awe. It was more than I could have ever imagined. Ani nailed it!!! With an amazing design, I was scared that the project would be out of my realm to pay for. It was not. They were able to offer me financing at an extremely low interest rate and my payments are a little over 100 dollars a month.

    Patrick and the team came in to build it and they were fantastic. A few bugs in the beginning thanks to COVID, but they worked magic and made everything happen smoothly.

    Thank you so much Bright Home Landscapes for creating my very own masterpiece.

    Adrian F. Avatar
    Adrian F.

    5 star ratingI highly recommend Nate and all the people who work with him at Bright Home Landscapes! We started the planning of our complete new home backyard project in Spring of 2021, COVID-19 time. Nate was fantastic to work with. He was reliable and easy to reach via phone call or text. He listened to what we were looking for, and knew the questions to ask to help us sort out our ideas. He helped us with our dream backyard and helped us trim it up to fit our budget. While it wasn't easy getting all the materials and work crews during covid, they were flexible and kept us informed about how the project was moving along. Before the final payment, Nate made sure we were absolutely satisfied with the results. We love it- pavers, rock work, cement, and landscape lighting is all beautiful. We would absolutely use Bright Home again!

    Celia R. Avatar
    Celia R.
  • 5 star ratingI had the pleasure of meeting Audrey Hughes one of their designers. Absolute delight and what a positive experience. She was on time, provided a timely quote and recommendations. Even though I selected another vendor, I wanted to write a reference in particular on Audrey because of the professional experience I had. Definitely worth the visit. There was another vendor who showed up accidentally the same time to give a quote as well, and Audrey was so amicable in her professional approach with having a competitor show up. Kudos to her and hope to work with her maybe on another project.

    Rennu D. Avatar
    Rennu D.

    5 star ratingFINALLY! A company with true ethics and most importantly HONESTY! I had a quote from Bright Home Landscape and they were the last company I got a quote from. They turned up on time and were honest about their pricing, their company ethic and more importantly what they could ACTUALLY provide for me and my family. I have an infant child and a dog and of course when you look to spent thousands of dollars on a company you want to feel comfortable and that you're making the right decisions and me and my wife agree that this was the best for us.

    I have already recommended BHL to many people in my HOA and two close friends have been completely satisfied with their service from day one to closing out the project.

    5 solid stars all round!!!!

    Oscar D. Avatar
    Oscar D.

    5 star ratingHired a landscape architect through Bright Home. Had a good experience working with the architect. Love the 3-D design, printout, and professional advice. Highly recommend.

    J Y. Avatar
    J Y.
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