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Bright Home Landscapes

custom landscape design for hoa homeowners.
hassle-free and stunning!

Fill out our landscape design consultation form below and let our experts help you create the backyard of your dreams within the guidelines of your HOA.

We offer turnkey landscaping design and construction services for HOA homeowners - we handle all aspects of your project from start to finish.

You will work with one dedicated point of contact throughout the entire process, saving you time and hassle.

Looking to transform your outdoor space but don't have the time or energy to manage multiple contractors?

Our team of experts will work with you to create a personalized design that suits the concept and style of your community 

while enhancing the beauty and individuality of your home. 

Bright Home Landscaping uses only the highest quality materials and the latest techniques to ensure that your new landscape will be

 beautiful, easy to maintain, and long-lasting.

Time and Cost-Efficiency

A turnkey landscape design means that you work with one company during all aspects of the landscaping project, from CUSTOM design to FINAL installation.
This can save time and money, as well as frustration.


Custom landscape design with turnkey simplicity means never having to coordinate and manage multiple companies;
a time consuming and often confusing task.
Bright Home Landscaping does it all!


Turnkey landscape design means that the design and installation will be consistent throughout the project, leading to a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing end result.

Immerse yourself in your future landscape with a Virtual Reality 3D Design!

Imagine being able to ‘see’ the overall concept of your custom designed landscaping, before the work has even begun? That’s exactly what 3D Advanced rendering brings to the table! You will get a 3D video you can play over and over, defining and refining your individual outdoor living space while meeting your HOA community standards.

Transform your landscape with a custom design that is
hoa friendly and stress-free.

With Bright Home Landscaping, the HOA homeowners can sit back and relax while we handle all the details. 

From your concept or ours, to design and completion, we will take care of everything. You will be enjoying your new outdoor living space without the stress of managing different contractors and vendors. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and turn your landscape concept into reality! 

Quality Control

Turnkey landscape design means that the Bright Home is responsible for the entire project, ensuring that the quality of the work is consistent throughout and that the project is completed to the highest standards.


A landscape company that provides a design/build solution means that the company is responsible for all aspects of the project. If there are any issues or challenges with the landscaping, the HOA homeowner only needs to contact one company for resolution.


Our skilled craftsmen work closely with you to create a custom design that meets your unique needs and budget. Using high-quality materials and techniques, we ensure your landscape is both beautiful and easy to maintain.


Working with Bright Home Landscaping means that the HOA homeowner to create a custom design that meets the specific needs and preferences of the HOA community while maintaining individuality in the private outdoor living space.

Our streamlined design-to-blueprint process is customized to meet your needs. We create a detailed design and provide a blueprint with all the necessary information for approval and construction. Contact us today to start your hassle-free landscape design journey.​


Complete our form for a dream backyard design that meets your HOA guidelines.

Our HOA Landscape Design process involves the following steps:

Step 1

Obtain HOA Requirements

Grab your HOA requirements and get ready to meet with your experienced designer.

Step 1

Step 2

Review HOA Requirements

Our team will go through the rules and regulations to ensure the design aligns with the community standards.
Step 2

Step 3

Customize Design

Once your design is complete, we will then begin creating your blueprints with information required by your Homeowners Association

Step 3

Step 4

Submit Paperwork

We will provide you with required blueprint for you to submit to your HOA.

Step 4

Step 5


Once you get your approval we get you scheduled for construction.


Step 5

We ensure that your Homeowners' Association (HOA) approves your landscape design!

Understand the HOA Guidelines

When approaching a landscape design project within an HOA community, it’s important that your landscape design and build company understands the HOA’s guidelines, regulations, and specific requirements. Highlighting the benefits of the design, such as increased property values, improved curb appeal, and increased community satisfaction, while addressing any concerns regarding  maintenance, water usage, or potential issues with the design, help make the approval of your custom landscape a smooth process.

Quality & Professionalism

Part of the design-build approach used by Bright Home is to provide examples of similar projects completed successfully and to be open to making changes to the design as required by the HOA guidelines. Additionally, demonstrating that the design is cost-effective, eco-friendly and sustainable, Bright Home provides a maintenance plan to show that the design can be sustained over time and that the homeowner will not have to invest additional funds to keep the landscape looking its best.  

Why Choose Bright Home Landscapes for your HOA Landscaping Project?

When choosing a landscape design company, the HOA homeowner, must consider the company’s experience and expertise, professionalism, licensing and insurance, customer service, creativity, attention to detail, cost-effectiveness combined with sustainable practices, and flexibility.

Bright Home Landscapes has a proven track record of successful projects, a team of skilled professionals, a professional demeanor, and is licensed and insured.

We are responsive to the needs and concerns of the homeowner and the HOA. Working within your HOA guidelines, we provide unique and innovative designs and accurate cost estimates with eco-friendly and  sustainable solutions. 

Areas We Serve

Unleash the full potential of your backyard and bring your dream outdoor living space to life. Fill out our landscape design consultation form now and let our experts guide you through the process of creating a beautiful and functional outdoor area that complies

 with the guidelines of your HOA. Custom Design with Turnkey Simplicity from Bright Home Landscape. 

Check Out our Beautiful HOA Landscapes!

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